$50 Book Blast – The Earthkeepers by Shawn Underhill

I’m setting up a book blast for The Earthkeepers by Shawn Underhill. This is a Middle Grade/Young Adult title.

You can post any date from November 11th to 17th.

It will be for a $50 Gift Card or Paypal Cash.

In exchange for posting you can have a spot on the rafflecopter for your pinterest or twitter.



The Earthkeepers by Shawn Underhill

From the author of The Great North Woods Pack series comes a new adventure…

Millions of people talk to animals every day. If you happen to be such a person, there’s nothing terribly unusual about you. But what if animals spoke to you in return? What if you could clearly understand them, while the people around you could not? That would be very unusual, remarkably interesting, and would likely be tremendously fun.
For nine-year-old Ethan Dewfield, talking with his dog is an everyday occurrence. Add to this the fact that he lives not in a regular house but in a sprawling hilltop inn, and what you’ll find is a highly unusual boy with a unique tale to tell. In this personally narrated account he discovers the depths of his abilities, makes new friends, goes for a long walk in the snow, meets a special pack of wolves known as Earthkeepers, uncovers a nasty scheme devised by his even nastier uncle, eats a stack of pancakes, and does all he can to save his beautiful home from the greedy men plotting to destroy it.
*If you’re someone who likes a wide assortment of animals, with funny names and contrasting views of the world, and you like Christmas decorations, happy endings, and you’re open to the possibility of liking boys named Ethan, there’s a good chance you might enjoy this story.
*If you’re someone who admires deceitful, scheming, selfish people who manipulate others, who dislike animals, kids, beautiful buildings, and beautiful scenery, you might enjoy a long career in politics, but will probably not like this story in the least.



Book Blast & Blog Tour Sign Ups – Beam N Read (Product Review Tour, $50 Blast)

This blog tour & blast are a little different.  This is for an actual product not a book.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the blast.  The blog tour is review only and you must live in the US for shipping reasons.  You also must agree to post a review 3 places – your blog, amazon & goodreads.

I only have 20 of these personal reading lights available for review.  This tour is NOT first come, first serve like most of mine are. I will be selecting bloggers with the most traffic, largest followings & social media presence.


The Book Blast will run from November 3rd to 9th and include a $50 giveaway.

The Blog Tour will run from November 10th through December 17th.


There will be a second giveaway/blast that starts in December but there will be separate sign ups for that one.


Beam n Read


When you need personal light, this hands free light delivers features and practical usefulness unmatched by other portable reading lights: wide & bright light from 3 LEDs that lights up 2 book pages, 2 clip-on Relaxation Filters, extra long battery life, and optional USB Power Kit. Read Everything: It’s a true reading light that works with all printed books, Kindles and other eReaders (whether naked, skinned, or covered), PLUS newspapers, magazines, newsletters, loose documents, and other items that can’t support a clip-on light.  Called the “best personal reading light we have come across,” by a major travel blog. Included are two 2 special Relaxation Filters that snap-on the light: BNR Orange for a softer, warmer light that blocks blue light  (especially useful when reading in bed); BNR Red to block blue light and reduce ambient light for sensitive bed partners, or to help maintain night vision when switching between lighted and dark conditions. Standard alkaline AA batteries (not included) last an extra long 100 hours, far longer than flashlights and clip-on lights resulting in a lower cost to use (and fewer batteries in the trash). The longer battery runtime than other lights is especially valuable during a power outage and when traveling. This light is still bright when others have gone dim. Worn around the neck, there’s no need to shift it when reading paperbacks. It’s great for reading, crafts, travel, and walking in dim or dark places such as an attic, basement, or around the house during a power outage. Use it for writing journals, working, camping, and changing diapers at night.


  • For hands free personal light anywhere; extra bright light is easy on the eyes; doesn’t disturb others
  • Wide light from 3 LEDs in a row lights up 2 book pages; works with ALL Kindles, eReaders
  • BNR Orange Relaxation Filter softens and warms the cool LED light and blocks energizing blue light
  • BNR Red Relaxation Filter blocks blue light, reduces ambient light, & helps maintains night vision
  • Alkaline AA batteries (not incl) last Extra Long 100 hours, 3-10x longer than most clip-on lights



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