Escucha Means Listen Blog Tour Sign Ups

I’m setting up a blog tour for Escucha Means Listen by Talia Aikens-Nunez.

This is a children’s picture book easily read in 3 minutes.

Escucha Means Listen

From the mowing of the lawn to the splish-splashing of rain puddles, Talia Aikens-Nuñez’s bilingual picture book Escucha Means Listen introduces toddlers and babies to the sweet sounds around them.

Take a journey through the world—just listening. Escucha Means Listen helps children discover sounds around them in English and Spanish.

Buzz. Buzz. Qué oyes? (What do you hear?)
Las abejas (The bees) circling the flowers.

Woosh. Woosh. What do you hear?
El viento (The wind) is whistling by.

Shh. Shh. Qué oyes? (What do you hear?)
Las hojas (The leaves) are dancing on the trees.

Since this book is so short I’m hoping most people will be willing to review it but there is also the option of doing an author interview or tens list.

There will be a tour wide shared rafflecopter giveaway for $25.

This tour is full.