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Rising SunRising Sun, Falling Star

Different eyes and skin
Mock me from the mirror’s light
Enemy am I.

Dec 7, 1941
Today my life changed forever . . . I am no longer considered American, but by shear heritage I am now the hated enemy . . .
The lives of Kenji and Aiko Onishi and their American-born children are about to unravel when the United States is thrust into war with Japan. Confronted by insurmountable prejudice and fear, the family is ripped from their California home without just cause by the American government and sent to an assembly center “for their own protection.”
Forced to live in deplorable circumstances, every aspect of their lives regulated and controlled, the Onishi’s freedoms are stripped from their grasp as they struggle to survive behind barbed wire. It isn’t long before the mind-numbing confinement and feelings of helplessness begin to pit the family against one another.
When sent to a relocation camp in the center of the Utah desert, they’re beset by ever increasing emotional and physical challenges, and Aiko is faced with her greatest yet: to mend the broken spirits of her family, or risk losing them forever.
Based on true and tragic events that transpired during World War II, Rising Sun, Falling Star is a heart-rending story of one family’s struggle to survive uncalculated loss and emotional destruction.


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Author Vickie Hall

Vickie is a native of Utah, but growing up, lived in the states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska. When she’s not writing, she’s composing music, or shopping with her sister. She loves animals of all kinds and camping with her family. Her favorite pastime is watching old movies on TCM, and unashamedly has a crush on Cary Grant.




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  1. when do we receive ebooks? or where do we get them

  2. Hi Everyone!
    I signed up to review this book because when I was a kid, say from the age of 6 or 7 until my early 20’s after my Grandmother passed away and we had to clean out the house so my parents could sell it, I ALWAYS had this question and it never was answered. (I guess I could have Googled it, but reading a book is always MUCH better!) So my Grandmother had Japanese neighbors at the beginning of her street. My Grandmother would NEVER speak to these people, and it was understood by me that I should not, either. Why? I NEVER could understand why??? It drove me CRAZY as a child wondering “WHY?”. I never did find out.
    To this day I don’t know why, except for after WWII, and I never got answers to that even in High School history class. It was NEVER covered. Now Hitler and the concentration camps WERE covered, and in depth CONSTANTLY, it seemed. I read all the books we were supposed to, but I was SICK from learning about the concentration camps. The biggest thing I learned, of course, that it is wrong, and anyone would know that – but – why did the US do it with the Japanese?
    I had since forgotten about the whole thing until this book has come up for review. I JUMPED at the chance to read this book because I cannot believe the WE, in the US, made CAMPS for the Japanese people! Yes, they bombed Pearl Harbor, but I don’t think it was the people who already lived here! We don’t do that today for the people who bomb or TRY to hurt us from other countries! I still don’t understand WHY we did that to the Japanese and all the reasons WHY.I’m really looking forward to reading this book to find out why!
    I often think to myself THE GERMANS DID THIS SO WHY DID WE DO IT?
    I hope I can find an answer because WE ARE ALL HUMAN and should RESPECT EVERYONE! I am ashamed we did this to the Japanese HERE, on US soil! I hope I can find out why we did what we did, upsetting their lives, and ours, years later, even my life as a child until now, even.
    Thanks, Kathy, for having this Review Tour! I’m really looking forward to reading this book!