The Tesla Gate by John D. Mimms – Blast & Tour

I just heard the tour for this book needs to be pushed back because publication has been delayed. If you are interested in participating please fill out the form and I will contact you when I have the new dates.

I’m setting up a tour and blast for The Tesla Gate by John D. Mimms.

This title is Adult Fiction / Paranormal / Fantasy

This is mainly a review/spotlight tour. There are a half dozen interviews or guest posts available to well established blogs with a large number of followers and traffic.

The Blog tour will begin on February 19th and run through February 28th

The Book blast will be for a $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash – In exchange for posting you can have a spot on the rafflecopter for your facebook fan page or twitter. You can post any date from February 12th to 18th.



Tesla GateThe Tesla Gate

When a cosmic storm enters Earth’s atmosphere, scientists are baffled by its composition and origins, but not nearly as much as they are by the storm’s side effect – anyone who has died and chosen not to cross over is suddenly stranded here, visible, and can interact with the living.

With the world thrown into chaos, Thomas Pendleton is eager to make up for many broken promises to his six-year-old son, Seth. Soon after the storm, they set out on a road trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, completely unaware of the social and political maelstrom they’re heading into that will change their lives forever.


john mimmsAuthor John D. Mimms

John D. Mimms is a business owner, paranormal researcher, and author. John served as the Technical Director for the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST). During his four-year tenure with the organization, he helped supervise over 100 investigations and wrote more than sixteen technical articles. One of John’s articles, titled “A Christmas Carol Debunked,” was read live on Parazona Radio by Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International fame. John also wrote the ARPAST technical/training manual which is a comprehensive guide on equipment usage, investigation protocol, and scientific theory for paranormal research.

In 2009 John decided to couple his knowledge of paranormal phenomena with his lifelong love of literary fiction. Among his titles are The Great Keep, Death Theory, and The Lemonade Girl. John is currently working on book two of The Tesla Gate trilogy.