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Who am I? I am Attis, a one-of-a-kind machine created by Jephetto, with the help of his nephew, Boyd Masters. But you’re probably human, and when humans ask that question, they seem to want an answer involving f–f—-s—sorry, baffling moods I lack the capacity to cognize.

What am I doing? That’s easier. I’m on a mission to find Jephetto. We were separated shortly after he woke me up. I’ve already botched one of the three commands he gave me, and I appear to be failing another one, as well. In the meantime, I have to try and blend in with the human world, so I’m testing out different personas, you know, like an MMA fighter, for example.

Now, I have a question for you. In my recent role as a professor, I met an intriguing female named Charette who is on her own perilous quest. Can you tell me why my jade “soul” stone glows whenever she is near?

Full of heart and harrowing adventure, Alacrity’s unique blend of magick and technology sheds a fresh light on universal questions humans have wrestled with since the dawn of time.


“Dyran, I think you should close that box!” Patty warned.
“Tis quite alright lass, the little fella is just discombobulated nothing more.” The man explained, still keeping his million dollar smile and bearing a single gold tooth. “Come on lil fella, that’s it.” And the lulling continued. The monster lunged in, not for the kill instead it jumped into Dyran’s hands and looked around. Patty could see more of this thing than anyone else, she could see its’ power, the forbidden places that it had been still lingered, mingling with the creature’s aura. The Irishman did not plan on doing the same, there was no time to dodder or linger. Dyran rushed over to the terrified boy and spoke in Patricia’s tongue and in the same sing-song tune that seemed to relax the beast. “Ye are right te be afraid of this lil rapscallion Miss Patricia. Tis known as a Mullwhisper, and if it was so inclined, the lil beast could turn ye into a vegetable.”
“So why are we turning this poor kid into a vegemite sandwich??” With a hardy chuckle, Dyran released the Mullwhisper unto the boy’s shoulder. The Orc shuddered and started ranting in a blubbering blather that even the Irishman could barely understand.
“That’s a good one lass.” answered Dyran. “Folks don’t usually pay good coin te be put into a microcosm. On a good day this lil friend of ours is capable of far more useful things. Just ye watch.” The oddity turned its’ otherworldly gaze unto the Orc. It skittered around his back and unto the other arm, then back again making not so much as a sound. Patty noted that, slowly, the rising ash came to a stop, and Mullwhisper’s eye narrowed. “Ahh, there we are…” said Dyran, he then motioned for Pat to join him. Right away she spotted a far more obvious change in the beasts’ eye, its’ conflagrating orange was snuffed out by a calming, watery blue. “I think it likes him.” he added.
“What’s it doing?” Patty asked, now side by side with the Irishman.


J.B. MaynardAuthor J.B. Maynard

J. B. Maynard grew up in Hollywood, Florida, and he has lived most of his life in the Sunshine State. As a youth, his father encouraged him to practice martial arts, and this experience paired with his love of comics, science fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, and numerous other staples of nerd culture, have had a significant impact on his writing.
His favorite writers include: Jonathan Mayberry, R.A. Salvator, and Sherryl Kennyon.
His A.T.T.I.S. series is very special to him because the main character is one his wife, Noel, helped him create for a Big Eyes, Small Mouthroleplaying game he was joining with a friend. Rather than filling in a typical character sheet, Noel wrote a short story about Attis. Immediately struck with a whole world of possibilities, in two years’ time, he’d written seven books introducing Attis to the world. Alacrity is the first book in the series.
J.B. Maynard is a Mason by day and a writer by night. He has a close circle of friends, whom he considers family and a loving wife and two step children. He is also the proud owner of two Boston terriers and a well-mannered, but slightly disturbed border collie that he loves to death.

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