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Free ebooks in exchange for an honest review

My new site is up and running!


For Authors:

Submitting a Book – I am approaching authors I have previously worked with to test this idea but am open to considering requests from any author who thinks there book might be a good fit.  I currently only accept 10-12 books each month to feature. I am very selective on the books I choose to feature because it takes me a really long time to manage these campaigns (much longer than blog tours take me). I follow up with EVERY reader who accepts a book.

I will only select books I feel will be very well received by the readers who subscribe to my sites. Cover is HUGE. I can’t promote a book unless it has a fabulous professional looking cover. Genre is next, certain genres do much better than others. And I am limiting this to only 10-12 books per month so I am choosing only books I feel will be very well received by the majority of my subscribers.

Unlike many review services those accepting books for review through this new site are actual readers. They are not being paid for their reviews. They are blog readers and book lovers who trust my recommendation that the books I am providing are worth reading. There is a fee for this service that is similar to what I charge to set up a blog tour.  Please email me if you would like to be considered or want more information.


For Bloggers & Readers:

There are hundreds and thousands of authors out there looking for reviewers who are willing to read their books and post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. I created this service for authors to help them get their books into the hands of readers who are willing to post book reviews on sites such as Amazon & Goodreads.

You need not be a blogger to participate. You only need to love to read, be able to read ebooks and be willing to write a review that is at least 100 words long.  If you are a blogger it is you can also post on your blog or choose to just post to Amazon, Goodreads, etc.  I will be following up with EVERY reader who accepts a book.  A review is expected within 60 days.  Those who can get a review up with in 30 days will be entered to win a $25 Gift Card.

If you accept a book and find it isn’t for you you do not have to continue reading. You simply need to let me know why the book isn’t for you.  I understand not every book is for every reader.  I also know life happens.  If you can’t get a review up within 60 days you are expected to let me know why or it counts as a strike against you.  Three strike will mean you will no longer be able to receive books from me. Please don’t sign up to accept a book unless you are able to get it reviewed within 60 days.

A 4 or 5 Star review is NOT required. Simply post your honest review to Amazon, Goodreads, etc. (Although I do ask that you don’t bash the author if you don’t like the book. There are tactful ways to leave a negative review if a book is not for you).

And of course all ebooks are copyrighted. You are under obligation to never sell, share or copy the authors work.

To learn more and see what books are available please visit


  1. You’re a genius! Thank you so much for trying to help people discover our books 🙂

  2. I appreciate your initiative. I checked the website to see the available books but got an error message telling me that there is no book under “available for review”. Could you look into this and give me your feedback? I’m interested in learning more because I’m a book blogger and reviewer. That being said, thanks again for offering this service to authors.