Last post on this site – Again Hosting Directly from I Am A Reader

At one point I was blogging so much and promoting so many books I felt the need to create separate websites.

I had this site for promotional work.

Feed Your Reader to promote great ebooks deals.

Ebooks For Review for those looking to read books.

Times have changed…

Blogging for me is not what it once was.  In general blog traffic is on the decline.  At least that’s the case for me and most of the bloggers I work with. When I started blogging ebooks were the exception instead of the rule. Hardly anyone had an ereader. Now I don’t know any serious blogger who does not have at least one. Most bloggers I know are inundated with review requests and won’t commit to reviews for blog tours like they once would.

I still read everyday (completed 69 books so far this year) but I rarely take the time to create  reviews on my blog. Amazon and Goodreads are a much quicker and easier option for me. I have Kindle Unlimited and tons of promotional credits from Amazon so I no longer have the need to search for free and discounted ebooks.

As times and circumstances change I am one who opts to adapt.  So I am consolidating and scaling back in certain areas.

The first thing that is going is this site. I don’t have the need for it right now. I will still be hosting blog tours and blasts but will host those directly from I Am A Reader.  I already post tour sign ups and schedules there so this won’t be too much different from what I am already doing. For now ebooksforreview is working well to generate reviews for authors so I am keeping that site open.

I’m still passionate about reading. I love helping authors and promoting great books. I will continue to do just that but as times are changing the way I can best do that is also changing…


  1. I agree. Life changes and adapting to circumstances is a good thing.