Painting Rain by Annette Larsen – Cover Reveal Opportunity

Share this giveaway on your blog and be entered in a separate $10 giveaway just for bloggers who post. Painting Rain by Annette K. Larsen How do you heal your heart after tragedy leaves you broken? When the person you loved didn’t deserve it … [Continue reading]

Cover Reveal Giveaway – The Fall of Lord Drayson by Rachael Anderson

Share this giveaway on your blog and be entered in a separate $10 giveaway just for bloggers who post. Coming soon from USA Today Bestselling Author Rachael Anderson The Fall of Lord Drayson Who is he really? A high and mighty Lord, or a … [Continue reading]

His Personal Relationship Manager $100 Blast

  His Personal Relationship Manager by Jennifer Peel Kenadie Marshall suffered the most public of humiliations, being left at the altar. Instead of wallowing in her misery, she makes it her mission to help others find true and lasting … [Continue reading]

Borrowed Magic $50 Blast

Borrowed Magic by Shari Lambert After a three-year siege, Lord Kern, the dark mage, is dead. Magic has left Tredare, and life is almost back to normal. For everyone except Maren, that is. Before the siege, an attack by Lord Kern left Maren near … [Continue reading]

Falcon Song $100 Blast

Falcon Song by Kristin Cross Kate can handle that Jason Falcon is gorgeous. And she can handle that he is fantastically talented, and competent, and funny, and sweet, and . . . .  well, all of the things he is. What she isn’t sure she can … [Continue reading]

Crossroad $50 Blast Sign Ups

Crossroads by Mary Ting Can two worlds collide in dreams? Protecting her from the fallen was his duty. Falling in love was never part of his plan. Loving her was forbidden. Being with her was all that mattered, even if it meant he would be … [Continue reading]

Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt

I'm setting up a blog tour for Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt. I loved this book! It's clean romance with lots of adventure and fun. It's a fast read. The tour runs from February 8th to 19th. Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt They seek him here; … [Continue reading]

Infinite Ink Blast Sign Ups – $100 Giveaway

Loading... Welcome to the Infinite Ink $100 Book Blast Giveaway! The Breeders by Katie French “When the Breeders come for ya, there ain't no escape. They strap ya to a bed and all ya hear is the thud of your heart and the cries of your … [Continue reading]

The Proving by Ken Brosky – Blast & Tour Sign Ups

  The Proving by Ken Brosky It's been 100 years since the Specters invaded Earth. Like ghosts they haunt the planet, devouring any human being foolish enough to venture outside of the last remaining protected cities. For some humans, … [Continue reading]

Asleep on the Hay: A Dust Bowl Christmas – Blog Tour Sign Ups

I'm setting up a blog tour for the picture book Asleep on the Hay. PDF review copies are available as well as a limited number of print copies to US only. You can post any date from December 14th to 22nd. Asleep on the Hay: A Dust Bowl … [Continue reading]