Review Service Information


Pricing for Review Services

A $200 down payment is required.

Prices range from $125 to $325 depending on how many reviews are returned.  At the end of the campaign you are billed or refunded according to what I delivered. I verify every review and provide you a spreadsheet with links to all reviews that are posted. These campaigns are currently taking me twice as long as a blog tour to set up and manage. I am happy to share with you the results of previous campaigns as well as a price break down.  Please email me.

At the end of you campaign you will either be billed or refunded based on this scale.

$125 – 10+ reviews
$150 – 20+ reviews
$175 – 30+ reviews
$200 – 40+ reviews
$225 – 55+ reviews
$250 – 70+ reviews
$275 – 85+ reviews
$300 – 100+ reviews
$325 – 125+ reviews