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There are so many opportunities available to self-published authors today. I’ve tried many different avenues to advertise my books. As far as advertising on blogs, the BEST results I’ve received, by far, have been through Kathy. I have had wonderful success through her Kindle Fire Giveaways and Book Blasts. Due to Kathy’s clever and creative methods my Facebook, Blog, and Twitter followers have grown tremendously, as well as the number of readers adding my books to Goodreads. My latest Book Blast also resulted in a huge increase in sales! I write Clean Romance and it’s not always easy to find an audience. Kathy’s followers are looking for exactly this type of book. If you write clean or family-friendly books, then THIS IS THE PLACE to advertise! I am extremely pleased with the results of all of my advertising efforts with Kathy and cannot thank her enough!

~Taylor Dean


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“Kathy does an amazing job of organizing and promoting her blog tours. I work with her as both an author and a blogger and have been extremely impressed. As an author, she helps me promote my books with minimal time and money spent on my end. As a blogger, she makes it very easy with professional html for posts and timely reminders. I would highly recommend her for your blog tour or book blast.”
Cami Checketts, author of Blog This


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“Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer is a miracle worker. From the day she first advertized my book and waved her magic wand, everything shot up–my followers on both Twitter and my blog, the “to read” numbers on Goodreads, my “likes” on FB, the reviews, and best of all, my sales.

“I published my first three books through a traditional publisher and decided to self-publish my fourth–the one Kathy set up a blog tour and book blast for. In one short month, she did more for me than my previous publisher ever did or could do. Through her extensive following and network of book review blogs, she managed to get my book out there in her savvy, efficient way, and I have her to thank for launching the word-of-mouth sales that I’m now getting.

“During the month of the blog tour, my sales and ranking on Amazon steadily increased far more than I ever anticipated or dreamed could happen, and I owe it all to Kathy. She is THE BEST and will definitely be my go-to person for future online marketing endeavors. Thank you again and again, Kathy!”

Rachael Anderson



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I am truly satisfied with the work Kathy put into my blog tour. I had an amazing time and so much fun connecting with bloggers and getting the word out about my book. My book received so many adds on Goodreads, and book sales improved greatly. Kathy really knows what she’s doing, and I’d be happy to work with her again!

~Dorothy Dreyer

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The book blast and blog tour that Kathy arranged for daynight has had a direct impact on the book’s exposure, Amazon ranking, and sales. For the duration of the blast and tour, I kept detailed logs to track the impact. From start to finish I saw: a 7x increase in twitter followers; an 8x increase in facebook likes; > 1,000 goodreads adds; and >500 likes on the Amazon sales page. The book blast, timed in conjunction with a 3-day free promotion on Amazon, shot daynight to the #1 teen science fiction book, #1 teen romance book, #2 overall teen book, and #63 overall Kindle book. As the freebie ended and the tour continued, sales skyrocketed from what they had been pre-tour, with daynight hitting #35 on most popular teen sci-fi list.

Kathy is organized, professional, and easy to work with. She provides assignments (author interviews, character interviews, guest posts, and top ten lists) ahead of time, tracks progress, and gives reminders. I was very impressed with the blog sites Kathy arranged for the tour. Those who reviewed daynight were honest, fair, and thorough. Many of the bloggers also posted to goodreads and Amazon.com, increasing the number of reviews and lending credibility to the daynight franchise. These exceptional bloggers not only promoted daynight on their blogs, but tweeted, and posted to facebook and google+.

I have already recommended Kathy to several people, and give my unqualified recommendation to all authors for her services. In today’s tough market where titles compete for mindshare with over a million other alternatives, no author can afford to skip this concentrated, valuable, promotional campaign.

Megan Thomason

Author of daynight

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“I have to say I am very impressed with all of this. I had no idea it would be such an undertaking. You are worth every penny & more.”

~Ann T Bugg AKA June Kramin

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“Working with Kathy at I’m a Reader Not a Writer was one of the smartest things I did in the promotion of my book. She was professional and easy to work with. My followers on Twitter, my Facebook pages and Goodreads more than doubled (over 400 new followers on Twitter alone). My Amazon rankings shot up during the blog tour. I encourage any author who wants to increase the exposure of their book to work with Kathy. I’m glad I did and I know I’ll be doing it on my next book, as well.”

~Karey White, author of For What It’s Worth and Gifted



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Booking a blog blast and tour with Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer has been the single best thing I’ve done since publishing my novel, Bronze. Kathy’s service is personal, professional, and extremely cost effective. She was also always gracious and timely in answering my questions.

My goal was to gain exposure for my novel—a difficult thing as it doesn’t fall neatly into a specific genre. I feel Bronze got exposure over a broad variety of blogs and audiences during the blast and tour, allowing a wide range of potential readers to become familiar with both my novel and me.

Best of all, I’ve not only gained new followers on Facebook and Twitter (exponentially!), and had my book added to hundreds more Goodreads TBR lists, but new valuable reviews and readers in those who actually read and reviewed the book or seriously plan to read it in the future. I now have a real starting point for the release of the second book in The Glister Journals series. And it was fun! I’ll definitely be seeking Kathy’s help again.

~B.B. Shepherd



“Kathy has built up an awesome, wide-reaching network of enthusiastic readers who are excited about new fiction releases. I appreciated the opportunity to tap into her connections through a book blast that gained me many new friends and followers on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as a nice exposure boost on book blogs and Goodreads. Kathy makes it simple to reach out to a new or broader niche audience. While that might not always translate directly/immediately to sales, it’s no small thing to have more readers aware of your books and interested in your author journey. Thank you, Kathy, for the smooth and supportive service you provide to authors!”

~ Amber Stokes, author of How a Star Falls



“I’m an extremely grateful author for whom Kathy has organized two Book Blasts. Not only were both blasts tremendously successful, they put my books in front of readers I might not have otherwise reached.
Kathy is wonderful to work with, dedicated to helping authors, and has a great knowledge of what readers want and how to reach them. I will definitely be utilizing her services for my future books.“

-MK McClintock


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I booked a book blast and tour with Book Blasts and Blog Tours in February 2013 for my two mystery novellas. I found Kathy to be efficient and responsive and I was impressed by the number and quality of features and reviews from the bloggers who signed up to host the tour. I plan to use Book Blasts and Blog Tours again and would have no hesitation in recommending the service.

~Helen Smith


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I was very happy with how professionally Kathy handled the publicity campaign for Egypt Rising. She generated over 400 Twitter followers + over 300 hundred people who have listed the book on their reading list at Goodreads. She has my highest recommendation.



You are my hero. Seriously. My blog has nearly doubled in followers. Elemental’s facebook fan page has more than doubled in likes. Twitter is just exploding…. About 300 new “to reads” on goodreads. And I’m still trying to get through the explosion of emails in my inbox. It’s amazing!!

So yes, I would have to say this whole thing was a HUGE success.

Oh! I forgot! I’ve already broken the top 100 in kindle sales in three different categories. I would have to say this book blast had something to do with that. 🙂

You’ve pretty much made a day that was bound to be wonderful simply because it was the day my debut novel released one million times more mind-numbing and surreal. Thank you so, SO much!

~ Emily White Author of Elemental

*Please note – Tours & Blasts bring exposure for your book but there is no guarantee sales will increase.  Sales are dependent upon many factors including but not limited to genre, cover, price, fan base, etc.  Tours increase sales for some books and have little to no effect on others.