Wrestling might seem like a relatively simple sport that can be done by anyone without many preparations. This is only partly true. You don’t need to buy special tools to wrestle but you do need to wear a headgear, a singlet, and wrestling shoes. And while buying the wrestling headgear and singlets seems pretty straight-forward, buying the right wrestling shoes is not so easy.

High quality will not guarantee you a win in a wrestling match but it will increase your chances. Shoes that don’t fit well will hinder them though. So take some time to carefully pick the best wrestling shoes you can afford.

There is no question that functionality is key when buying wrestling shoes. Good shoes will provide enough traction and flexibility to allow you to move freely on the arena without slipping or tripping. You also want them to support the feet properly so that the probability of an injury is lower. After all, wrestling is a contact sport and that can be brutal. You don’t want to become unable to play for months or even years because you skimped on a pair of good wrestling shoes.

But what about the design itself? Does it even matter how the wrestling shoes look?

Many players argue that yes, although not as much as functionality, the visual is also important and can largely impact the result of the match. The main reason for that is that a pair of wrestling shoes whose design you are proud of can vastly improve your self-confidence. Wearing worn-out shoes, even if they are comfortable and check all the necessary marks, will not feel as good as wearing wrestling shoes that you painstakingly chose by yourself. In some cases, wrestling shoes can even intimidate your opponent, giving you an advantage before the match even begins.

What can you do to make wrestling shoes feel ‘yours’?

First, there are colors. Wrestling shoes from the most famous sportswear brands, such as Nike or Asics, come in a variety of color schemes. You can simply go with your favorite colors, or, if you a representative of a team, choose that team’s colors. Whether they are colors of your school emblem or your country’s flag, you will surely find a pair of wrestling shoes that matches what you are looking for.

You can go with a pair of rare wrestling shoes. These can be shoes that for example were discontinued or were only released in a very small quantity. Rare wrestling shoes will give you a sense of uniqueness and accomplishment because you worked very hard to find them. Many wrestlers collect rare equipment, sometimes without even using it, as a way of expressing their love for the sport. More often than not, you will have to settle for a used pair but as long as they are not damaged, this should not be a problem. You can become easily recognizable if you are wearing one-of-a-kind shoes.

You can also DIY a simple pair of wrestling shoes. Draw or write something meaningful and decorate them to your liking. This will give you a sense of being unique while keeping the costs to the minimum.